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Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter with 220V Power Supply - 2-Channel

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Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter - Send both stereo audio and video to multiple monitors.

Product Feature

  • Sends stereo audio and video to 150m over STP cable.
  • Supports VGA video to 1280 x 1024 at 60 to 85 Hz.
  • Can be cascaded for more speakers and monitors.
  • Differential signaling for protection from EMI/RFI.

Installation couldn't be easier. Just order a splitter to locate at the CPU end and a receiver for each remote station, plug in the cables and you're ready to go! There's no software to install and no switches to set. Because the Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter uses CAT5 cable (shielded CAT5 is recommended), you may even be able to use it on the cabling you already have installed.

The splitter comes in both a 2-channel and an 8-channel version. If you need to broadcast to more than eight monitors, you can easily cascade splitters. The solution for a wide range of applications Uses for the versatile Compact CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter is limited only by your imagination.

Connectors(2) RJ-45, (2) HD15 video, (2) 3.5-mm mini stereo jacks
Dimensions3.H1 x 12.2W x 6.6D cm
Distance (Maximum)152.4 m over standard CAT5 cable
Power115 VAC/60 Hz, external; 230 VAC/50 Hz version on request
Resolution1280 x 1024 at refresh rates of 60–85 Hz
Weight0.4 kg

Product Includes:

  • (1) 220V Power Supply


Please order one remote unit for each active splitter channel.

Name Type Version Release Date
Companct CAT5 Audio/Video Splitters User Manual Manual 13 May 2021

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