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Android Configuration at Scale A cloud-based deployment, configuration, and provisioning solution that brings scalability, precision, and over-the-air convenience to Getac Android ownership.

Product Feature

  • Android Device Configuration
  • QR Code Automated Deployment
  • Factory Default Configuration
  • Over-The-Air App Management
  • Flexible Firmware Updates
  • Device Grouping


Getac deployXpress streamlines the deployment, configuration, provisioning and updating of Getac Android devices. By dramatically reducing the time it takes to remotely deploy multiple devices, our solution gives you the freedom to perform other IT tasks. It minimizes the risk of costly security breaches and device downtime caused by configuration errors and firmware updates.




One device at a time is impractical

The number of devices your IT department is responsible for is growing fast, and you need solutions that minimize the time and effort consumed by each. But deployXpress makes it possible to deploy, monitor, and manage all your Getac Android devices through a single intuitive interface, enabling once repetitive tasks such as device configuration and updating to be done at scale, with no onsite hosting required.


Mistakes can cause headaches

Manual configuration errors can be costly. The deployXpress solution can all but eliminate these concerns for your Getac Android devices by sending out settings and firmware over the air, to every deployed device in your fleet.

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